Nike Air Jordan 5 Low x Neymar Jnr

Nike Air Jordan 5 Low x Neymar Jnr
7th June 2016 Nick Cobley

It’s safe to say at this point that 2016 is unofficially the year of the Air Jordan 5. Not always selling like hot cakes, but continually released in a number of colour ways anyway, here’s a little info on the next drop.

However does it have you asking the same questions as us?

Its undoubtably a solid looking release. However Im just a little bewildered what Neymar has to do with Basketball, and the same for big Mike and ‘Soccer’ as our American friends would say. (Its football by the way guys haha).

Michael Jordan is for sure one of the greatest sporting icons of our generation, cementing his name in history forever. Neymar is an outstanding talent, but not yet an legend, nor has he any relation to MJ or basketball. He is however an Icon for footballers and kids alike, and has more than made a huge impact on the game already.Never the less Im sure these will fly off the shelves as quick as you can say Slam dunk the funk. Will you be purchasing if you have the chance?

The Jordan 5’s will sport Michaels iconic number ’23’ by the request of Neymar. The other Sneaker will feature Neymar’s shirt number ’10’. They are set for a UK release of 9th June 2016